Faces Behind The Builds: The Burrows

Building a replica Willy’s Jeep in honour of the 75th D-Day anniversary, and making it under the Soapbox Derby weight limit is by no means an easy feat… yet Will Burrows and his family have done just that. 

Still putting the finishing touches to their Soapbox, there’s no doubt the entire project has been a team effort, with every member of the family joining in. With 5 children in the family, Will and his partner Claire decided to enter a team to bring the family together during the school holidays. 

With one child at uni, one living in London and a spread of ages, the project has been fantastic. Finding an old go kart chassis to base their build on, the team pulled together to design, build and paint the Jeep. 

Having family connections to the D-Day histories, the team did a lot of research on how best to build a fast, yet safe, Soapbox to compete in Newmarket’s first Derby. 

Living in the town for over 20 years, it’s clear to see how much work and effort has gone into the build, and we wish the team the best of luck on the day. With Luke driving, Jake in the back and the others cheering them on from the pitstops it’s a great show of family values at a local event. 

If you’ve been building your Soapbox, don’t forget to share pictures with us as you progress. We’d love to see them too! Good luck everyone!

Newmarket Soapbox Derby 2019