Meet Our Sponsors: Derby Cottage Clinic

This week, we caught up with Derby Cottage Clinic owner, Bruce Smart.

Q: Can you summarise what Derby Cottage Clinic offer?

A: Derby Cottage Clinic offers a full range of treatments; we help cure and care for people of all ages. Our specialist therapies are Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and Remedial Sports Massage. We also have the latest in Shockwave Therapy which is a very effective method of solving deep tissue chronic injuries, such as Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow and many more conditions.

In summary, we can solve any spinal or joint, nerve, muscle or biomechanical problems that don’t require surgery. We are also good at rehabilitation! We are keen on education and have offered our first apprenticeship this year.

Q: How long has the business been in Newmarket?

A: I came along to Newmarket in 1997 and many lovely people liked what I had to offer and helped me establish. After a few moves Derby Cottage Clinic was the site that offered the space and setting for a growing business. We have great team and are constantly expanding, now offering Craniosacral Therapy for babies and trauma cases, and Beauty Therapy for permanent cosmetics.

Q: Why did you decide to support the Soapbox Derby?

A: As a fit and active bunch who have competed in numerous sports and worked alongside many teams and individuals, we are always enthusiastic to get involved with local events. The Soapbox Derby is a great idea so we are proud to support a fun event like this.

To find out more about Derby Cottage Clinic, click here.  

Bruce Smart, Derby Cottage Clinic